Kairos Group

Kairos Finance is a private investment company having its presence (through subsidiaries, affiliates or partnering companies) in Russia, Cyprus, Switzerland and Canada, and concentrating on portfolio management, financial advisory and investment informational services. Kairos Group unites high caliber investment professionals focused on investment management of portfolio with a view to attain highest possible result for its investors and shareholders.

We are passionate about our work and always focus on delivering best investment returns for our customers
Based on a unique team of experienced managers, in depth industry knowledge and professionalism of the investment advisors and portfolio managers, Kairos generates valuable returns for its investors.
We seek to deliver highest levels of customer service, by working closely with our stakeholders
Kairos management full acknowledges the trite law that business is made by people for people. We take the interests and trust of our investors and clients very seriously and work with a full awareness that business is not just about returns, but also about relations. Every officer at Kairos Group takes this very seriously and is motivated to the greatest extent possible to keep our investors and clients fully satisfied.
Interests of our unique team of professionals are aligned with those of our investors and clients
Kairos is not just providing advice or investment solutions, it invests its own funds, and by all means interested in attaining highest possible returns in the safest way possible. The investors should not worry to encounter ‘services for the sake of services’. Every investment manager at Kairos is as interested in high results, as you are.
Our team